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Sandwich vending.
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Sandwich Vending

If you really, really want Chives quality on demand, 24/7, just along the corridor there is only one thing to do . . . fill your vending machine with Chives sandwiches!

It's a decision that needs to be mulled over carefully with colleagues and discussed at length with potential users. We will never compromise our quality and definitely will not leave sandwiches in a machine and discount them the following day! We unapologetically have a different approach to sandwich vending than the 'pile 'em high and sell 'em cheap' brigade.

So, fabulous vending products for certain situations is perhaps how we would sum it up. Take a look at our sandwich menu for an indication of prices that we charge for our vended products.

Think there might be a market for this premium service in your organisation? Please do give us a call.

Sandwich vending machine.
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