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Chives Hot Specials

The ultimate hot lunch, a Chives Hot Special from our delicious hot food menu. Open from 6am, grab a sizzling breakfast bap, filled with freshly griddled bacon and egg or perhaps something else from our all day breakfast choices?

When thoughts turn to a hot lunch a smoking hot panini might do the trick, with plenty of vegetarian menu options. Really setting Chives Sandwich bar apart from the rest, you'll find Chives Hunters Chicken or Hot Roasted Pork Baguettes are filling and satisfying and set you up for the rest of the day!

Hot baked jacket potatoes fresh from the oven with a positively unlimited array of toppings (choose from anything on our Chives sandwich menu), plus classic fillings such Chilli, Sausage Beans and Cheese, or simply piping hot with butter!
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